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New coach teaching Decatur girls basketball team to embrace history of program

New Decatur girls basketball head coach Justin Moore directs a summer practice. Photo courtesy of Jeronimo Nisa/Decatur Daily.

Wins have not come often for Decatur girls basketball in recent years, but new coach Justin Moore is hopeful he can turn things around.

Once a powerhouse in girls basketball, the Red Raiders won five state championships in 10 years from 1990-2000. The Red Raiders are far removed from those days, winning only three games since 2017.

Moore, however, is telling his team to embrace both the successful stint from the 1990s and the unsuccessful recent years to move forward.

“We have to know that it was really successful at one point and tell ourselves that if we bust our tail, we could get there again,” Moore said. “It won’t happen overnight. It may take a long time, but we could get there.”

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